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Track, capture and share your learning experiences

Your universe of experiences in one place

We build many skills across our life. Let these stars shine brightly to yourself and others.

Capture your skills and share them in seconds

The Gamut+ fast, intuitive interface makes it easy for you to add and edit your skills & knowledge. And once you're done, share them with the world in just a few clicks!

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No more searching emails or desktop folders!

Send PDF's, emails of webinars detailing new & past skills. Let Gamut+ curate and tag these in a central place.

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Moving employer? Keep your learning records.

When you move employer you leave all your learning records behind. Keep a record with Gamut+

Our awesome features
Join the revolution!

In a world where we are always learning let others know what you're great at.

Our awesome features

You can solve all these issues on Gamut+

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Life is one learning adventure

We often can't quickly capture our experiences for the future

Finished a short online course but know you will lose track of it?

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Had a great "learning on the job" experience that hasn't been recorded?

Our awesome features
Need an easy place to track your CPD hours?

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Made notes in an interesting online webinar but can't find your notes again?

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Would you love to see how much learning you have achieved?

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What People Say

Join happy customers worldwide who are already using our amazing product.

"With micro courses like LinkedInLearning and Online presentations I am learning so many new priceless skills each day. I need somewhere easy to keep a track on all that I am achieving"

Finance Executive

"The online courses I have completed have taken me in a whole new exciting career direction. Gamut+ allows me to not only capture these new skills but also my previous career experiences. Every learning is valuable part of me that I take to future employers."


"As a business, we love how Gamut+ allows our staff to record their skills and online courses from many different sources. They can also share what they have learn't with the greater team"

HR Executive

"When you innovate, you are always learning. With Gamut+ I can keep a track of everything I am learning, and feel great about it too."

Start Up Founder

"I need to keep a record of my CPD hours and I am always on the look out for new interesting courses. Having my CPD courses all in once helps me see what I have learnt and what skill gaps I need to fill"


"I need to keep on learning and building my skills as the coding landscape evolves. I want to both record and share my selected skills and projects I have done."